Wednesday, 31 October 2007

down into the frog pond (updates)


Somehow, the shoulder part didnt fit and I think its best to re do, even though it means more work. Sigh, so many people finished this project in a couple of days and I'm taking more than 3 weeks (during my travelling time).

D, you may have to wait a little longer for my happy dance, I'm such a goondu crocheter *blush*

I'm returning the 3 unopened Senso in exchange for another wearable color. I guess I will terminate this project and wait for the new color to arrive. There's no way I'm going to walk around like a highlighter *faint*


Doreen said...

So no FOs :) ?

You mean they except returns and do exchange for new colours?

chicchicbaby said...

Yes, they allowed exchange, just that I have to pay for postage which is better than forcing me to continue with that knowing that I will never wear. I was frogging halfway when I thought of this option. And with good luck on my side, I managed to get a friend who is an experience crocheter to do a SAL with me, I'm saved : )

Doreen said...

Glad to hear that you found a saviour. Good Luck.