Thursday, 25 October 2007

abstract art

I must admit I am a little too adventurous, attempting a clothing pattern without any indepth knowledege of crocheting, and this is what I ended up - stucked.

When I began this bolero, it took me quite a while to dicipher the pattern, finding out where exactly to begin and how to continue. If not for D, I don't think I know where to cast my first stitch. Thanks D!

Now that I'm almost halfway there, I'm presented with another obstacle - how am I going to join the main body to the shoulder (in very layman terms)? The pattern is too abstract for me, I have great difficult visualising how its going to turn out. I have been visiting blogs where the owners have completed this pattern and trying to screw my eyeballs back from staring too hard at their pics. No use, still no light bulb appearing on my crown. I guess my safest bet is to continue casting and and see how it goes. Unfortunately, I'm one of those few who has to learn from mistakes *bawl*

Speak of mistakes, argh...its not supposed to be highligher yellow, I mean, my yarn. Haizzz....if I could get it right, I'll most likely redo it in another less striking color.

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