Monday, 15 October 2007

crochet hook case

Pattern: This book (ISBN: 4391622130)
Material: DMC Senso - Wedgewood
Hook Size: RakuRaku 4/0

Finally got the lining and pockets done yesterday. Thanks to mil who patiently taught me the basics of measuring and techniques of sewing. I took almost 2 hours to get it done. It does look perfect from far, doesn't it?? If you looked closer, the stitches are crooked and the tension is uneven because I have the tendency to pull the fabric when the sewing machine runs.

The fabrics were bought from Spotlight and I love the blue/brown combination. The button was made from the kit I got from Daiso, done in a jiff, easy peasy.

I must not forget to thank Qoo for inspiring this project *wink*


Cindy said...

Well done! Your crochet hook case look great :)

Dutchess said...


JL said...

Nice. Does Art Friend sells DMC Senso Denim ?

chicchicbaby said...

jl: I'm sure I saw them at Art Friend.