Monday, 17 September 2007

weekend busy bee

There is a love-hate relationship with the 2 restdays of the week. To most, weekends are period for you to chill out and recuperate from the hectic work week. But to me (or most junior mothers - moms with young kids), weekends can be more tiring then the last five days you spent at work. My weekends are usually packed with activities with my 3.5 year old and by Sunday night, I'm totally knocked out.

Last saturday (by the way, I don't get to wake up late, my waking hours are depending on my kids) I managed to squeeze out some time to have my hair cut and colored. It was long overdued and I'm happy with the new bob and yay, no more greys. Thereafter, I took the kids to the library to pick out some books for T. Frankly, I'm quite appalled by the way people behaves in the library (children's section); shoes removed, sitting all over the place with books scattered around and talking loudly, I rather they (NLB) put more tables and chairs instead of couches so that people can sit properly. No wonder some mothers I knew are horrified of library books, fearing of contracting HFMD from them.

On sunday, my family met up with my aunt & uncle for lunch and it is great for both families to spend time together. They enjoyed cuddling the babies too and my mom got to catch up with her sister. It was good, I love family gatherings. G was flying back so we went to the airport to pick him after lunch, T was happy daddy is back, he loves playing with the daddy and H smiled coyly at her daddy, truly daddy's gal.

And as promised, by 10pm, I was already snoozing in slumberland. Good to be back to office, its restday for me.


relaxicon said...

hey CHICCHICrelax!let kids sprawl around AT THE LIBRARY, it is not
BOARDING SCHOOL, it's SUPPOSED to be relaxed and maybe even a bit
HECTIC. what are you trying to do?? RAISE YOUR KIDS TO BE STIFF AS
CARDBOARD?!I guess I shouldn't be suprised...anyone who uses the
phrase "frankly I'm quite appalled" is probably a bit too uptight for
their own good.Just chill lady. your kids will thank you for it.

chicchicbaby said...

Lol. Honestly, a library is meant for quiet reading, you can sprawl around at home but not public places, iykwim. By allowing such behaviours, what will we expect next?? Inconsiderate brats??