Tuesday, 18 September 2007

tee time

Four years ago, I took up golfing with G, I didn't expect myself to be passionate about it partly because I'm not very sporty, my hand-eye coordination is really koyak (bad). However, golf is a very relaxing sport, you dont' have to exert yourself to achieve that target heart rate. At most, if you played a short game, you walk throughout the course, which is fine with me because I enjoy nature.

Still, I am never really good at it even though we used to practise at the range 3 to 4 times a week during the time when we were childless. G on the other hand plays a very good game, in fact, during his stint in Bangkok, he improves by leaps and bounds, I wonder if he spent his entire time there practising for PGA.

I was pregnant one year after I started on this sport and since then I have not been touching my clubs. My responsibilitiy now is the children, until they are more independent, I will pursue this passion again. Hopefully together with the kids, we can form and flight and spend some great moments doing the sport as a family.


Dutchess said...

Is that T? Awww.... too cute! And your golfing shoes ain't half bad either. LOL.

chicchicbaby said...

Yeap, who else right??? After that session, he left his plastic clubs in his daddy's golf bag, the daddy forgot to take them out and his friends had a good laugh when they saw him with those "extras". Lol.
Oy!! Is that the only thing you see?? Those are not golf shoes, just my Fila sneakers. Hehe.