Monday, 17 September 2007

going green

The campaign has been launched and I find myself getting use to bringing my own shopping bag to the grocery, I even keep one in my diaper bag, you never know when you'll need them. The only grouse is, I'm using those $0.90 totes from Cold Storage and they are not compactable since there is a cardboard base at the bottom. My eyes lighted up when I saw these cuties at one of my favourite crafter's blog, I wish we can find such pretty totes here. I was so almost tempted to order them online, which thankfully, my visa thinks otherwise.

Good news is, I found them at the department store near my workplace and at $9.90 each but they have limited colors, yellow and pink only. I took the yellow cause the pink is just too pink. I wish they have come in a set because I had my eyes on the turquoise (above).

Hopefully, when I eventually get my own sewing machine, I can sew my own shopping day.

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