Saturday, 15 September 2007

cape lavender - wip

I started this baby capelet for H on monday, spending my time to and fro office working on it. The lilac yarn is from spotlight and I am using hook number 5, after testing out the other numbers. I have to give it a name, to identify the project I'm working on, who knows, there may be other baby capes that I might crochet in future, so cape lavender milkshake it shall be (I changed it to cape lavender, it reminds me of the beautiful lavender farm we visited in Margaret River two years ago)

Honestly, this is my first big project. It did not start well, the pattern says to start with 115 chains and you will yield 19 scallops on the second row. I got 17 the first time, frogged, 18 the next. I might have 'eaten' some chains along the way, without me noticing. I was tired of frogging (no good for your yarn too) and hence, I used the excess yarn from the starting end to continue with enough chains for another scallop. I cheated but (quoted from the Dutchess) "do whatever that rocks your boat".

I think crafting (if you can considered crochet as a craft), like other aspects in life, you cannot be too rigid and follow the rules strictly. Of cause by abiding to the rules of the game, you are assured of a smoother journey ahead yada yada but we should allow ourselves to decide what is better for us, it gives us ownership to our own lives, don't you think?


Dutchess said...

LOL. Yes, my favourite phase: whatever rocks your boat. LOL. In certain situations, it's not the journey that counts but the destination. It doesn't matter how you get there as long as you do.

About your shortage of chain stitches. That's exactly what I would have done too. Or if I didn't have enough excess yarn at the end, I would have just knotted it with fresh yarn and gone my merry way from there. If done properly, who's to know right? LOL

chicchicbaby said...

Great minds think alike, there is no way I'm going to frog more than 2 times!! Lol.