Friday, 14 September 2007

mid autumn festival

Firstly, we do not have autumn here; but being part of the Chinese tradition and custom, we celebrate the mid-autumn festival. I shall not go into the details of this festival, partly I have forgotten the real meaning behind, what comes to my mind is a wide array of mooncakes available.

When I was young, our family only had red lotus paste mooncakes, most of the time without egg yolks as they were expensive. Now, people go for white lotus paste, double yolks (I saw a six yolks mooncake yesterday, my cholesterol meter will shoot sky high if I ate that) but I still go yolk-less as I don't have a savoury mixed sweet palate.

This year, I decided to go for something different - yam paste & pumpkin paste mooncakes; they taste so good, crispy skin with soft fillings. Actually they are not an extreme combi, I've seen strawberry, chocolate, truffle, durians, red wine, totally unrelated to the chinese diet, but they are well received by the younger generation (makes me 'mature' cause I still prefer the good ol thing).

Some people I know are making their own mooncakes, not only its cheaper, you can do whatever flavour that delights you (& your family). I'm not into that as I do not go for quantity, so it does not make sense to slog myself over a few mooncakes.

Another highlight of the festival is carrying lantern on the day itself. I might bring the kids to the Chinese Gardens as they are having some celebrations there, however, it will very much depending if the weather permits.

I hope you have a great Mid Autumn Festival and enjoy your mooncakes!


Joyce said...

Hi Karen

jq (joyce) your blog link from joyce's lekker blog...

see you around

Dutchess said...

I've never seen that particular combination for a mooncake before.

Next week I'm going to try and gather enough mojo to bake some. I just want the ones I grew up with, lotus paste with egg yolks. Not six in one mooncake of course. Nothing to do with my cholestral but duck's eggs (from the asian store here) cost 1 euro each. Gives me a different sort of heart attack. LOL

chicchicbaby said...

Wish I can send one over to you, they are really good, not sickly sweet either. Imagine eating Orr Nee.