Tuesday, 7 August 2007

shopaholic strikes again

This time, with the assistance of my accomplice, J. We ended googling H&M together and she agreed to help me get them and ship over to me here. What luck since they have lotsa nice cool stuff, for babies too. I just have to be careful with my mental calculations since we are looking at Euros. The good thing about online shopping is that, you can pile up your shopping cart like there's no tomorrow and later, via elimination, shortlist the items until the total $ doesnt look too alarming.

Many say Singapore is a shopping paradise, I beg to differ. Having been working for a (prestiges) shopping centre for almost 5 years, I noticed we have very limited brands or fashion lines available here. Most of the domestic brands follow Hong Kong/Korean trends which are just too cute (and small) for proper grown ups like me. The goodies that attract me now comes from Tangs and Zara but their tags are pricier. I can only console myself that I get better quality and designs.

I think the rest of today will be spent in H&M, I cant wait for them to come in to Singapore, which I think they will, soon.

J, if you are reading this, don worry, I wont overload my cart, you know me. Lol.

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Dutchess said...

BWAHAHAHA.... The evil deed has been done.

Your partner in crime.