Monday, 6 August 2007

无理头 post

Oh I'm so happy, this is going to be a short work week for me. The office will be closed on thursday for National Day and I will be taking friday off. What is more exciting is, G is coming back on wednesday! He has been away for more than a month this time round and the kids and I truly miss him alot. I can sense T is anticipating for his daddy's return, he has all kinds of plans running thru his little mind, including asking daddy for that Sodor Mining Co playset. *G, you know what to do?*

Back tracking to last weekend, we had lunch at Sizzler's yesterday, I so love their salad bar, all the frozen veggies drizzled with super hi cal (calories, not calcium) dressings, it was sins in disguise. Don't we just love these kind of 'healthy' salads. Hehe.

Last friday was the first time I went out with a group of my colleagues. Maybe not first but definitely one of the rare occasions. I was actually quite disappointed it turned out not the way I hope it will be. Anyway, one of the girls decided a change of (her) mood and throughout dinner, the rest (some) of us have to live with her unhappy face. I was rather appalled by such 大小姐脾气, if for some (unknown) petty reasons that you were unhappy about, then either have a better EQ to overcome your problem or simply leave and don spoil the fun for others! At this juncture, I have to agree with soon to be ex-colleague A, that our folks are really a bunch of 'different' people.

So much for now. I'm bouncing with joy for this is a short week, plus, I'm taking the entire week off from work next week since mom will be taking a short vacation, I have to play the role of sahm for a week (challenging!)

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