Monday, 13 August 2007

a long weekend

4 happy days came and passed, we are all exhausted and it was hard to get out of bed this morning.

G came back on Wednesday evening and on Thursday, he couldnt wait to bring T to Orchard to buy (yet another) Thomas and Friends engine. I really think G is the one who wants to have the entire collection because T was at a lost which engine to pick (he has most of them). G finally helped T decided on Mighty Mac, gawd and who is this engine with 2 faces? Looks like we have to read and find out more. After that, we went for a tea break at Toasts, my favourite 'gourmet' cafe but gosh, how I hate their snobbish staff.

On Friday (yes J, I finally recalled), I made a trip to one of Singapore's longest history craft store at Chinatown. I picked up some Clovers crochet hooks for a friend and I took the opportunity to choose my yarns for my next project. I was disppointed with their limiting choice of colors and the price was exhorbitant. Online, with shipping included works out to be a better deal afterall. I'm looking forward to my goodies arriving in a few weeks time (hehe, cheapo me opted for SAL, partly also buying time for my TTAS)

To end the grand weekend, I had to be sick, yes down with gastric flu. I was practically in and out of the loo yesterday and my tummy was churning so badly. I only get to see the doctor this morning and the cramps subsided after taking the medication. Think I overate during the long weekend : (

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