Monday, 30 July 2007

stitch marker

(or what it is supposed to be called)

I have been using paper clips as stitch marker(especially important if you do circular design, to mark the beginning of each row) but I found them to be too filmsy. Firstly, it comes off easily and secondly (more importantly) it is ugly.

The stitch markers sold are nothing fanciful, just lil more prettier version of my paper clip, so I decided to make my own. All I needed was some beads (I used Lampwork here), a clasp, small section of wire and a plyer; and voila, it was done in 10 minutes (kisses to H, who patiently sat in the walker while mama was busy fiddling with this mini project).

Now how does it look now?? Better than a paper clip right?? And makes knitting more interesting too.

I must apologise for the poor photographic skill, I donno why I cannot get a clear picture of tiny objects. Argh.

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