Monday, 30 July 2007

donuts, finally

And no, I didnt make them, my colleague queued painstakingly for 2 hours for the much raved about Donut Factory donuts. She text me late last night, telling me she managed to buy a box of the famous donuts for our breakfast this morning, thanks Serene.

So this morning, I was greeted by a box of pretty donuts in office. I picked the Apple Cinnamon and another donno-wat flavour donuts. ( only occured to me to snap a pic after I've gobbled down half of it..sorry)

My verdict is, I still prefer Dunkin Donuts. The DF donuts are over rated, it is waay too fluffy for a donut and it tastes more like a Japanese style sweet bread, a little disappointing to me. Donuts should not be like this *hands on hips and stamping right foot*

Looks like I really need to try out a proper donuts recipe soon to end my own cravings.


Dutchess said...

Here's bit of nostalgia: My all time favourite donuts are the ones from the basement bakery at Yaohan (Plaza Singapura). I also love their red bean paste ones.


chicchicbaby said...

Oohhh...I remember! And those sticks of fishballs with chilli sauce, somehow what we get now dont quite taste the same.