Tuesday, 31 July 2007

fur balls

I'm into crocheting lately and have been fascinated by the varieties of yarns available in the shop. I don mean just the colors, its the composite of the fibers that is mind boggling. I was just telling my gf yesterday, that the auntie at Golden Dragon was watching me like a hawk when I started poking my finger into (almost) every single brands of yarns they carry.

Selection of 'correct' fiber is very important, I learnt my lesson. Three years ago, I crocheted a baby blanket for T, it turned out so stiff that I think it makes a better doormat! What a waste of effort, if only I've selected my fibers correctly.

I'm fortunate that my good friend J, is an expert in all areas of crafting and she was able to advise me to pick cotton fibers for our local weather. What do I do without her??

Mmmuacks and thanks J!!


Dutchess said...

Er, you can crochet me something for the winter... LOL.

I'm glad to help. You don't want all your precious time and effort to come to naught just because you made a fiber boo-boo.

chicchicbaby said...

This winter or next winter??? Lol.