Tuesday, 17 July 2007

a lacy afternoon

Finally, this arrives in my morning mail today. Look at the shoes, isnt it cute?? I did mention earlier that I'm eyeing this at ebay and yay, I got it! It is quite obvious now that I'm mad about shoes and bags, miniature somemore, how cute can it get?

This is a Annie Potter's design and I believe it is out of print now. This belongs to a collection of extremely beautiful (and cute) miniature shoes n bags n hats under the Stepping Through Time series and if I could, I'd love to have them all.

This will be my next project after I'm done with the baby mary janes I'm crocheting now for H. Hopefully I can post some pics soon. Oh, have I also mentioned that I've just ordered another japanese crochet book from Kinokuniya? I'm dying to crochet that cute little capelet.

Looks like my hands are full now.

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