Thursday, 5 July 2007

are you like me?

Will you keep thinking of something you saw, you like but hadnt buy? Will you?? I will and this can go on for a long long time. Somestimes I feel so ashamed of myself, my mind is full of useless ideas. Lol.

Two years ago, while preparing for a Dinner and Dance event for an online parenting forum, I came across this egg-shapped jelly mould from Tupperware. According to the mom who sponsored that, it was a not-for-public sale item, its some kind of rewards for Tupperware's agents. Until now, just minutes ago, I was still at ebay trying my luck. You see, I'm a really determined person (wish I could generate my perseverance to other more useful areas of my life).

While I was googling, I came across this (I will only disclose after I've won the auction) and again, with my never say die determination, I searched thru the entire cyberworld for the complete collection. I just cannot get my mind off it. I'm a gone case.

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