Thursday, 21 June 2007

love books

I love to collect books but I'm not much of a novalist. Honestly, I hate to read fictions (except for the Shopaholics series, Rebecca Bloomwood is someone so familiar), most of the time, I fail to follow through till the end.

My bookshelf is filled with mostly cookbooks, cross stitch magazines and right now I am starting to add in Japanese craft magazines and craft books. Sometimes I feel, a filled bookshelf is a decorative item itself and it reflects the kind of person you are (so is it good or bad for me? Hmm).

Well, good news descended on Monday, our President flew in from Japan to present to our branch office, an award for outstanding contributions for the last financial year. You would think each of us get a free holiday to Tokyo?? Nah, we received S$4000, wait, to be shared among the 22 of us. Yeah, how generous, you think.

Anyway, after some discussion with my boss, we decided to distribute the loot in the form of vouchers and to my delight, Kinokuniya vouchers, yay! This means I can buy a few more craft books I've been eyeing for some time. I'm actually quite please, really.

Little things in life can make me happy for a long time.

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Dutchess said...

Ahem, how about passing some of these vouchers my way? LOL