Saturday, 3 October 2009

happy children's day

Finally for once, I managed to bake something for T's children's day celebration in school. After pouring through a few cookie recipes, I decided on one from Nigella's How to Be A Domestic Goddess. This is a very straightforward recipe and the dough was easy to handle too. I love the buttery flavor but I will leave it in the oven it a little longer for better crisp. I was afraid of burning it as I always do with cookies. And oh yes, I finally get to use this cute cutters which I made my sis brought back from Hong Kong. They make cute cookies but removing the stamped dough from the cutter was very tricky.

And you think the kids would love them, the container came back untouched, none was eaten, guessed the kids had to much food and preferred games instead. Oh well, all ended up in my tum..yum!

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