Thursday, 23 April 2009

whipping cream bread

Baking bread takes alot of planning and effort. A lot of planning because breads really take a long time to prepare, from the inital stage of kneading until they are ready to be sent into the oven. The timing, hence, is very important. I usually knead my dough after 10pm and let it rise overnight. For my dough to rise within an hour or two, I need external assistance, like sitting my bowl over hot water or leaving it in a warm oven.

I saw this recipe from dailydelicious and I remember one of the memebers in the parenting forum I visit, mentioned that it is super nice, so with some planning calculated, I started on the dough on Sunday night. This recipe does not require any eggs or butter but instead, 225ml of whipping cream. Being a novice breadmaker, I was surprised how oily whipping cream is! The dough felt like a chinese oil dough, my hands were covered with a film of oil. No wonder the recipe requires the dough to be kept overnight in the refrigerator.

When I shaped the dough the next morning, I can still feel the oiliness so I had to make swift movements to prevent the dough from melting. While I let the dough do its 2nd stage proofing, I made a quick trip to the airport to pick up my sister coming back from HK. However, halfway through we received news that my youngest sister, in labour then, was about to birth, we detoured to the hospital. I did not factor in this and hence, my breads were over proven.

I didnt think this bread is anything more fabulous than my 65C bread. Maybe because of the little mishap at the end. I dare say I might not attempt this recipe again because the whipping cream is way too oily and fattening.

Anyway, my sister gave birth to her second child, little Freja yesterday evening. Such a lovely little bundle. Maybe I should bake some Swedish Semlor to celebrate her arrival.

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