Tuesday, 31 March 2009

golfing with gf

Men will tell you how great it is to share a round of golf with their buddies and I can tell you, it is even better if you could with it with your bestest gf together with your spouses.

Thats what we did, when J came over to Singapore this week. I haven't seen her (other than online) for a year and our first meeting this time is actually off to the green.

I was sceptical about this outing because I really do not want J to feel bored, knowing that she has just started on this game and it will be challenging to conquer 18 holes (applies to me also) on a hot humid day (it is still wintery at the place she came from). Nevertheless, seeing her immaculately dolled up in her Nike golf attire assured me she was more than ready (at least, the dressing part).

We did it slow and easy and we actually had alot of fun!! Fun for me because I have someone else to talk to during the game, instead of hearing dh's constant reminder to square my shoulders and don't lift up your head!!

The day started hot and got even hotter, I was afraid J would pass out anytime! It got better after the brief shower, at least, cooler but that was also when the mosquitoes decided to come out for a feast.

We ended the game in the late afternoon and had a yummy fattening lunch of Char Kway Teow, Nasi Goreng at the clubhouse. I wish we can do this again, J. Maybe next time, in your home ground. *wink*

Er..I forgot to take pictures, we were, erm, very serious with the game. Yes we were. Lol.


Dutchess said...

It was fun and I hope we can do it again.

Argh! My bum looks so big in the pic! LOL

Ange said...

hey dutchess, dun think ur bum looks big..cause it's only 1cm wide on my computer monitor..