Friday, 15 August 2008

chocolate chips cookies

There must have been 1001 chocolate chips cookies recipes out there, all claiming to be the best, the most chewy, the most favourite but really, you have to try for yourself which works for you. So far, I have not found any, that is close to what Arnotts used to make and sell in bags at the supermarket. I could finish that entire bag in one go and that also accounted for what I am today.

Back to my chocolate chips cookies, the recipe I tried last night was extracted from this blog. How can I not give it a try when the blogowner is, obviously a chocolate chip cookies lover herself, just look at her numerous entries on chocolate chip cookies, in all format and styles (she even attempted to bake some in her car on a hot summer day).

So I went on to bake, and because the recipe is really simple, I was done within 30 minutes. My first tray didnt turn out too well, actually my fault, I stepped away from the kitchen to install a game for T, so the bottom was a little burnt. The second tray was perfect and boy, they go very well with a cup of hot tea, rather similar to the little cookie accompanying the hot cuppas at Coffee Club. Nice!

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