Tuesday, 8 January 2008

thank you is not enough

Sometimes, a word of thank you is just not enough to express your gratitude and this is how I feel now.

I went home to find a white envelope in my letterbox yesterday with the familiar cursive handwriting on it, I knew its something from J. I quickly tore it open and found a ziploc bag containing something nicely wrapped in crimson tissue paper. I had no idea what it might be, there weren't any clues and I wasn't expecting this package but I knew it must be something precious since it is packed with so much care. My guess was right, this woman actually stitched up Fern for me, a design I've much wanted to own, in a pretty hand dyed fabric from SMF (am I right?? or EF?).

I'm really touched by her thoughtful gesture. You see, she is one of the best stitchers and her work is really intricate so you see how honoured I am. Not only that, she was busy with her recent relocation and yet she managed to steal time to do this for ME, I really cannot find the right words to express my emotions now.

Thank you J, I love her and love you too. You've made my day and I think I will be one lucky and happy 38yo this year.

I'm waiting for better light to capture a nice picture of Fern and when I've done with admiring her, I'm going to have her framed up nicely.