Monday, 7 January 2008

the end, a new begining

No, I don't mean my blog is coming to an end, rather, my pumping career has ended as of last friday. H turned one on Saturday and since she is on a almost solid diet, I decide to stop pumping at work. It is a relieve to me, any pump moms will agree that expressing milk is a no joke task plus you are constantly worrying about your output. However, I'm still breastfeeding her whenever we are together. Not that I'm passionate about breastfeeding, being lazy, I simply cannot imagine crawling out of my bed, make my way to the kitchen to prepare her middle of the night milks. Of coz most importantly, I do not wish for her to wail while waiting for her milk, waking the entire household.

Turning one marks a new chapter of her life. I have to say, its easier bringing up girls than boys based on my own experience. H is so sweet and gentle, hardly a difficult child and I'm keeping my fingers crossed she'll remain that way. T turned four a week ago too and I sense he is much more sensible, at least he is able to say things I'd love to hear (I'll brush my teeth when I reach home and sleep early etc). These I supposed are the sweet rewards of parenthood.

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