Tuesday, 6 November 2007

goodie bags

These are truly the kind of goodie bags that I would love to receive, alas my time, we didnt have such practices, in fact, having a birthday party itself is something quite unimaginable.

Coindentally, I sewn two goodie bags for T's teachers for his coming birthday celebration in school, I reckon since the children are getting something, shouldnt the teachers? The pouches will hold a little bottle of honey each.

The pattern for this pouch is found in Cotton & Paint Summer 07 and the fabrics are actually pillow cases bought from Daiso. Thrifting and crafting come hand in hand. There has been a debate in my household whether the printed side should be out but I felt it could be a little too noisy and plain pouches are more suitable for his teachers. I may be wrong but it looks good to me.

I must mention something about working on the sewing machine. The fabrics seemed to have a life of its own the moment I stepped on the pedal. It was rather scary and I don't know where to put my hands, I cannot risk my fingers being jabbed by it's (the sewing machine)monstrous teeth. That fellow is indeed intimidating. J was suggesting that I should go and try out newer machines, the feel is different and the pedal is more controllable, looks like I have to invest in a new machine (unless I can conquer my fear).


Mel said...

actually some people say the old-fashioned machines are easier to control than the modern ones! :) But do try out different machines cos each has a different "speed". Great looking bags btw!

chicchicbaby said...

Actually my mom had hers modified with an electric pedal, thats why it sped like lightning. You are right though, my mil's old fashion Singer is much easier to control. Btw, if you want the pattern, let me know okie?

Charlene said...

Awww thank you for mentioning me!
Your crochet work are very nice too! Hope to see more!