Sunday, 9 September 2007

mum mum @ zam zam

Some of the moms from the mothers' forum I frequented decided to meet up for a makan session at Zam Zam last friday. I have to thank A for organising this gathering, we were talking about murtabak some weeks back and decided, hey, we should meet up with the rest for some great tasting murtabaks.

There were 11 of us altogether and I finally managed to put faces into names. Most of them are sahms but I tell you, if you think they are a bunch of dowdy housewives, then you are wrong. They are hilarious, dare to speak and fun loving gals. I almost choked myself listening to their (dirty) jokes.

After the makan, we went shopping along Arab Street. I have been to Arab Street a couple of times but this is the first time I ventured into the little streets behind. I watched in awe when one of them bought some expensive (and great looking) head scarves. They are really pretty, glittering with beads and sequins, no wonder they cost $75 a piece. They are the most beautiful head scarves I've ever seen (besides those on brides).

I have to mention amongst them there are two creative crafters; J can crochet with her eyes shut and she brought along her wip for me to drool over (don't worry J, I didnt dirty it at all) and N sewn her own handbag, denim material somemore!!

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