Monday, 20 August 2007

おみやげ from hokkaido

Mom came back from her much needed vacation on sunday night. She couldnt wait to unpack her luggage in the middle of the night and I couldnt wait to see what she has bought.

These are the japanese craft books she got for me. I was drooling over the patterns and this in particular has very nice tunic dresses which I adore.

How can one visit hokkaido without bringing back some of these famous White Lover cookies (白色恋人). Sis emailed me this morning saying that these cookies have been recalled for falsification of expiry dates, but since mom bought them and its so recent, shouldnt be a problem right?? I don't care, I'm eating them and so is sis.

More Royce chocolates for us, yay!!

Most importantly, its good to have mom back, T misses her too much, during the entire week, he tried very hard to conceal his feelings. We miss her naggings too.


Mel said...

i have that book on the bottom right, and I love it! :) Lucky you, the books are soo much cheaper in Japan. :D

chicchicbaby said...

Mel, check out the one on the top left, beautiful tunic tops for women.