Monday, 16 July 2007


T finally uses the toilet to poop! This may sound silly but I am really relieve he finally uses the toilet voluntarily, of coz with a little carrot dangling in his front. Well, he has been asking for Henry and I told him, if he could do it in the toilet, we will go down to the toy store this Saturday. This bait sure works.

T was toilet trained quite young, at 1.5yo he was already off diapers (except for the night). However, he refuses to use the toilet for pooping and I didnt want to force him. (No forcing = spoiling?) I know many wonder kids out there are able to use the toilet the moment they walk, but I guess every child is different, I have my own deadlines too, he has to put the potty away by K1/K2. As for H, I intend to start her even earlier, I may skip the potty part, my mom is more than happy to help.

This is another milestone for T.

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