Monday, 23 July 2007

simply spectacular

We went, enjoyed ourselves and had a fabulous time at the NE Show 2007 last Saturday. This is T's first time watching the NDP live and naturally he was excited since the moment he woke up. Being the typical kiasu Singaporeans, we left home at around 3pm (the show started at 5.30pm)and was glad we were the 2nd in queue, so, we managed to get a good seat facing the centrestage.

I only managed to snap a few pics for the entire event, too busy enjoying the show and attending to T. My favourite part was those stunts put up by the SAF, er well, afterall, NDP is one of the major "job scope" of the army personnels isnt it?? Hehe

T said he enjoyed himself very much, I wonder he really understand what NDP is all about. He was pleased when they started playing the national anthem, something he is remotely familiar with (he thought he was in school). He watched in awe when the F-16 flew past and his eyes gleamed when the Red Rhinos were just metres away from where we were sitting. He event tried to catch the sparks from the fireworks, of cause its not possible, silly.

We really had a good time, even though its just a rehersal. Happy Birthday to our Nation.

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