Sunday, 26 April 2009

whipping cream buns - again

The Dplus Hokkaido Cream bread inspires me so much that I went ahead to fix my own whiping cream bread using the previous recipe again yesterday. I really don't quite like to work with a greasy dough but the result was great, my buns turned out rich and chewy.

There is not shortcuts to good breads (I cheated the last time), so yesterday, I made sure I gave it a good 250 slams against my tabletop, sufficient time to rise and rest in my fridge. I am pleased with the results and when I ate one for breakfast this morning, it was still soft *yay*

I have increased the amount of sugar slightly so I that can eat it on its own. The original recipe calls for 40g sugar and to me, it was kind of bland or perhaps, will taste better with butter and marmalade spreads.

Whipping Cream Bread

300g bread flour
7g dried yeast
3g salt
50g sugar
225ml whipping cream
60ml water

Somehow, unintentionally, my cute little buns reminded me of udders..mooo..


Grace said...

wow, 250 slams?! you must be very tired after that. ;-)

Thanks for visiting my blog. :-)

Zurynee said...

will give this a shot so that i can fully utilize my scale spoon *LOL*

chicchicbaby said...

Zu, you must do this, very nice and fattening ^_^
Ooh...I love your intelligent spoon!