Monday, 9 March 2009

my successful loaf

I love baking breads, this stems from more than 10 years ago, where an ex-colleague brought some freshly home baked cinnamon rolls to work. I was determined to try since I remember learning bread making in Home Economics. But I havent had much success, my breads were usually hard, far from soft and totally not fluffy. I knew it had something to do with my kneading but I just didnt know how to improve until recently, I read somewhere that, in order to achieve results like the Asian fluffy soft breads and without using a high duty mixer, you have to slam the dough against your worktop for about 200 - 250 times. Sounds crazy right? But I tried, and I am pleased to confirm that it is true. I did manage to get myself some soft and chewy raisin buns, they stay soft, even after a day. (previously, my breads turned hard after 1 hour).

And this is also the first time I see a smooth and shiny dough form, from its inital sticky gluey messy stage. All the while, I doubted the books because I never seem to be able to get that shiny look on my dough.

My not so pretty looking raisin bread, I will work on my shaping later on.

The soft and fluffy inside *beaming with pride*

There's going to be more loaves to come : )


jq said...


The kind of soft and fluffy bread that I hanker after.....I will 'jia you' and try to achieve this too...Thanks for the tip!

Joyce Q

chicchicbaby said...

Joyce, you should try! Don be daunted by the 200-250 slams, it is critical in order to achieve that soft and fluffy texture. Looking forward to see your fluffy breads : )

petit-je said...

Really muz slam so many times?
And more slamming this weekend hor hehe

Dutchess said...

I normally knead in front of the telly or with some lively music on. Helps!

K, nice one. :)