Wednesday, 28 January 2009

laughter's the best medicine

Not that I needed medication but recently, my BFF made me fell off the chair, not once but twice with her crazy antics. It was simply too hilarious that I laughed until I tear.

The first occcasion was pre-warned surprise package arriving at my door step on my birthday. I had no idea what it was, I thought it was this but at around 5pm, my mom called my mobile to inform me that surprise has arrived and because she couldnt believe her own eyes, she asked me if I had told my friend that our family is short of a wok?! Now that got me all curious and I quickly made a phone call to my BFF. We laughed, we giggled like two silly teenagers. You've got to see it to understand what it was all about. I also salute to the guys behind it, it is indeed a very unique table arrangement, except that I would prefer a Scanpan wok rather than a Ikea :p

The second dose was even better. Not too long ago, I completed a mint bolero which was inspired by a certain French luxury brand women's wear. BFF was so convinced by me that she made one for herself, in the exact color (plus the shimmering metallic threads) I described to her. That was like two days after the wok surprise, I received another box from the mailman, this I had anticipated. Nonetheless, when I opened the box, I saw a paper bag that spelled Chanel and in it, was that lovely bolero she made!! Goodness girlfriend, you shouldnt have spent so much money *grin*. I called her again and we laughed like two mad women this time.

Thanks for the presents J, you are such wonderful friend and I love your unusual sense of humor. I think nobody but us will understand what the Chanel paper bag is all about. Lol.

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