Wednesday, 12 November 2008

the long and the short

I finally went back to the green after a good 5-year break. The feeling is beyond words, I was nervous and at the same time excited when I took my stance at the first tee. Needless to say, I couldn't drive for nuts. I had three mulligans but my biggest relief was, there wasn't any flight after ours, less stress.

It was a good game though it was drizzling throughout, funny thing was, I hardly felt the rain, maybe I was concentrating too hard on my game. My final score counts a grand total of 126, hardly mentionable but I guess thats not too bad for someone who hasn't stepped into the range nor touched her clubs for half a decade. Lol.

I need to work harder on my driver, get my woods to be more consistent and of coz, my chipping. In summary, I have to work on my long and short game. The only consolation is, I managed an average 2 putt finish.

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