Wednesday, 6 August 2008

cold soba salad

While lunching with S at Toast yesterday, my eyes sank into their bowl of soba salad, such a healthy and wholesome meal, good for people on diet.

My cheater's way of making this soba is really to blanch a packet of snow peas, cook a bunch of soba, mix them with zaru soba sauce and finally garnish with toasted sesame seeds. I don't think Toast made them this way and I'm still curious about their dressing (they make really good salad dressings, I can eat there everyday if my purse allows), I will do a CSI, one of these days. Psst - S, when shall we go again??

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my petite kitchen said...

You not only looked at their soba salad, your eyes were glued to their cheesecakes as well. Keke..

Shall we go there next week? Haha.. The smoked turkey was damn good!