Thursday, 15 May 2008


日本语お ぜんぜん 忘れますでした。残念。
(did I get it right?)

Someone mentioned about selecting a good Japanese language school and this stirs up my memory of me studying the language in my early working life. My first job was with a Japanese company and at that time, Jdrama was a hit (like current Kdrama craze). I was totally in love and had eyes only for Kimutaku, after watching his performance in Love Generation and Long Vacation. I took up the language course, determined that one day, should I patronize La Bonita and meet him in person, we could communicate, just in case his English competency is pathetic.

I studied the language conscientiously up to Advanced level, made my way to Tokyo two times but never get to go near his restuarant let alone meeting him in person. Years have passed, he still have a place in my heart, but just a very tiny corner since it has been replaced by T and H. Haha.

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