Friday, 14 March 2008

is that what he understands?

T was reading the chinese readers supplied by his kindergarten so fluently that I was surprised he can grasp the language so well. So wanting to find out if he understood what he read, I asked him the meaning of 我有一个快乐的家庭, my darling confidently replied "I have a chinese new year house" *faint*

Need I say more?? This shows how much he understands what he is taught in school. I have no idea how he relates 快乐的家庭 to happy new year house; my guess is, 新年快乐 and 庭; same character used in different contexts so he just anyhow guess what he reads. Aiyoh.


Marie said...

bwahwhahahha! funny la!

chicchicbaby said...

M, thanks for dropping by, what a honour. Really, my son is so far behind L, sigh.