Wednesday, 23 January 2008

a new start (开动了)

I recently joined a crochet along organised by a Taiwanese blogger and in order to participate, I have to blog in Chinese, so that we can communicate. Okay, I'm proud to say that I'm effectively bilingual...but..blogging in Chinese is another ball game. In the first place, I'm a lousy writer and I'm seriously having cold feet about expressing my thoughts in a language I have not used (write) since my A levels exams.

Can you understand what I'm writing below??

在Joey家潜水了一段日子,终于鼓起勇气在她的1月群编活动喊有。以为这样就可以,哪知道会长要我用中文纪录我的编织心得, 也对,这豆芽始终不是织友们的共同语文,看来我只好硬着头皮试一试.


ange said...

Can roughly understand what u are trying to say..but still cant get the diving and beansprouts part.

chicchicbaby said...

Can?? Haha, but compared to the rest, I'm shameful, their 文笔 is so good.
diving = lurking
taugeh = english characters

Agnes Tan said...

After taking away the "cheem looking" words ... yeah ... I can understand you. LOL!!!!

Hmmm ... maybe I shud try blogging in Chinese too.

chicchicbaby said...

Give it a try Agnes, I spent a good 15min to construct that few sentences. Lol. Actually Chinese is a beautiful language, just that our vocab is really lousy.

Agnes Tan said...

Just posted a semi-Chinese entry. LOL!!!