Thursday, 4 October 2007

crochet hook case - wip

My (expensive) hooks need a home so badly that I decided to crochet one. I was 2/3 through when I realised I might not have enough threads (I use the leftover from my bookmarks) and began to feel moody. I mean, I don't really fancy that shade of blue and I cannot force myself to pay $8 for another blue ball. What am I going to do with the balance?? Make another case for Joyce?? No choice, I decided to crochet prudently, making sure the tension is taut so I don "waste" thread. I even omitted one row around the edge so that I can have enough for those little cute bumps/eyelets (what do you call them?). Thankfully, I managed to finish the project without having to buy extra threads. Phew.

I can't show the inside yet cause I need to sew the pockets. That will have to wait will I'm trying to finish this (no links yet, for some special reasons).

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