Monday, 24 September 2007

weekend cooking

I made the famous Baked Tapioc Kueh again, even my mom, who is never a supporter of my baked products enjoyed this kueh. Much thanks to Cranberry for the recipe, it was simple and easy to make but most important, it was good!!

Since the baking mojo was somewhat turned ON, I went on to bake a Shapherd's Pie, replacing the meat with minced beef. I must have had kitchen angels watching me that day cause it turned out fabulous as well.

With the two successes earlier, T requested for Penguin Waffles on Sunday for breakfast and the unusual lazy me complied and we had a fun time whipping up mouth-watering waffles.

Fun with food indeed.


Doreen said...

Hi, tks for visiting my blog. I'm not sure how to contact you. So I just leave a comment in your blog. You still have any problem starting the bolero? You can email me at

Dutchess said...

I want to see the penguin waffles as well!