Wednesday, 12 September 2007

out in the sun

It has been raining on off during the last few weeks and the last thing I want to do is to bring the kids out, with umbrellas in tow.

However, last sun, we were blessed with a good sunny weather and since I've promised T that we'll visit the Botanic Garden, I have to keep my words. Its also an excuse for me to eat more murtabak at Taman Serasi foodcourt @ BG, I havent had enough since friday. Lol.

As usual, where there is (good) food, there are crowds but luckily we didnt have to wait for tables. We had a chicken murtabak, I cant believe they are from the same Jalan Kayu prata shop, I can only find a few miserable shreds of chicken and onions. Very disappointing. Zam zam rocks!

T started off with a bad start, he fell while running up a slope, suffered (very) minor scratches but he bawled his eyes out. I think everybody thought we murdered our child. Finally, after coaxing him with a promise of ice cream, we strolled towards the picnic ground, lay our mats, spent the next two hours enjoying nature (and the tantalising curry smell from nearby picnickers).

It is good to be out, not indoor, not shopping mall, just under the sun. Sorry I have no pictures to share as we took videos instead and I have no idea how to (also reluctant to share video clips here). I assure you, we have a great time and we'll do it again.

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