Monday, 18 June 2007

Clay Dollhouse

I have always been interested to try on clay/minature craft, especially after watching one episode of Japan's TV Champion (13 Jul 00). Anyway, not to far away from my workplace, there is a newly open craft shop and in the month of June, they are conducting a 2 day clay modelling workshop. What I did next was of cause predicatable, scrambled out my NETs and signed up immediately.

The workshop comprised of 2 parts. Day 1, we are taught how to knead the white clay dough and shape them using different techniques and Day 2, we will color our models using water colors.

This is what I achieved after my first lesson. Not as difficult as I thought but you do need to learn the techniques first. I find that its easier to have a photo or picture to model after, especially so for me, who is not very creative. The most difficult part is getting everything in the right proportion.

My masterpiece, after the second lesson. Can you see that I can actually paint?? Lol.

My big plan is to model a french bakery ala patisserie style. Well, we'll see how.

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